Markham Newborn Photographer | Dreams for My Daughter


Markham Newborn Photography |  So many  newborns in the studio lately so I thought I would start the year showcasing a beautiful new girl. This February marks my NINTH year in my photography and art business. While I hold a fine arts degree and had worked in the creative arts field previous to going solo, I credit the birth of my [...]

Durham Region Newborn Photography | ANEW

Durham Region Newborn Photographer

A time for new beginnings when life and dreams start anew. An unprimed canvas fresh and ready for exploration, wonder and discovery. A lovely gift awaits; delight in the magic and all the possibilities. If you would like to know more about our baby or newborn photography pictures or discuss availability for pre-booked due dates, please click on the details tab. [...]

Newborn Photographer Toronto | Toronto Newborn Photographer

Toronto Newborn Photography

Toronto Newborn Photography | So many newborns in the studio lately. I thought I would share a few baby pictures from one of my Toronto newborn photo sessions from the studio. Many clients ask what they can expect from a typical baby session. I generally use a mixture of studio lighting and natural lighting, working off [...]

Toronto Pregnancy Photography | Embrace | Toronto Pregnancy Photographer


- Maternity Photographer Toronto – If one looks closely enough, one can see angles in every piece of art. ~Adeline Cullen Ray ~ In the midst of what is shaping up to be a busy spring, this one caught my eye. It was not directed. I don’t even think they knew I had the camera [...]

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