I could never narrow my creative interests down to one area. I studied painting, photography and design and am lucky to have turned my passion into a career. Whether it be in art, design or photography, my style remains the same- simple and connected.

I see myself as an artist highlighting the beauty in life. I delight in small details that are too often overlooked- colours, textures, stolen glances, unscripted emotions. Life passes quickly and every moment is memorable – every detail passes with interest.

My photography is simply a celebration of life and aims to capture the beauty and essence of who my subjects are through details, expressions and honest interaction. There is something unexplainable about capturing a fleeting moment, a gentle embrace, a sheepish grin, or a contagious laugh. Children will grow, their innocence will fade but a photograph makes these special moments indelible.

I value the art of photography and the legacy of these timeless images. Whether it be through a dramatic set-up or a candid setting, my photographs are documents of what is real – emotions, moments, life.

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  1. Nancy Di Patria says:

    as i am surfing the net to find a photographer that would meet my expectations I came accross your website, and I am amazingly surprise and would love to find out more. My mom will be 80 years old next month and all our family with gather at my house and would like to get some pictures to capture this time in our lives. We have 4 generations from the great grandmother,to grandma, mamma and the new born of 7 months old.
    They will all be here at my house in North Oshawa (Maxwell village) the weekend of Jan. 4, would it be possible to book a session?

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